There’s More Than Oil in Texas

For more than a century, there’s been an assumption that there’s nothing more to Texas than cowboys and oil. If you asked the average person from outside the region what Texas stood for, it would be some combination of those two. The word Texas itself brings to mind vast oil fields, refineries, off-shore oil rigs, and of course, horse-riding, gun-loving cowboys.

The truth is, though, that Texas has a lot more to offer the business world than just oil. First of all, there are the other associated industries. Natural gas is quickly replacing oil in Texas as a major energy source, and one that causes less damage to the environment. There are also vast mineral deposits in the state, many still untapped.

Beyond energy and other resources, Texas is also a driving force behind the tech industry. While places like California’s Silicon Valley tend to get all the credit, Texas is also a state with a lot of technological know-how. In fact, Dell, a computer company everyone on the planet knows about, is based in Texas.

Texas has also been listed among the top states for innovation and entrepreneurs. The state has a thriving STEM program, some of the best colleges in the country, and a tax system that is designed to help future businesspeople thrive in a difficult economy.

Though it doesn’t get the credit that Florida, California, or Hawaii get, Texas also has a strong tourism industry. As the original home of Six Flags, the state knows how to build an amusement park, and with miles and miles of coasts, there are plenty of beaches to enjoy as well.

With a booming economy and an accompanying booming population growth, Texas obviously also has a lot of jobs for the construction industry. A massive state with lots of roads to maintain and lots of homes to build, Texas has a lot of need for construction.

Beyond all these industries, Texas also has several of the biggest cities in the country, all of which are flourishing. Whether it is Houston (the country’s fourth biggest city), Dallas, or crazy, artistic Austin, there are all kinds of interesting businesses popping up throughout the cities in the state.

With so much to offer, it’s no wonder that Texas is the fastest growing state in the country. All of those residents know what the rest of the country ignores: Texas isn’t just a state for the oil industry or for cowboys. It’s a state that can accommodate any sort of dreamer or any sort of talent. It’s a state where brand new businesses open their doors every day, and many of the country’s best innovators are dreaming up the next great invention that will change humanity forever.

Oil is an important part of Texas’ past, but it’s been a long time since it was the central part of the state’s business. Nowadays, Texas concentrates on bringing in the best and the brightest to change not just the state, but the world.

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