How immigration affects the U.S.

United States will not be the country that we know today without immigrants. Since early 1600, the New World has stretched its arms and opened its boundaries to successive arrivals of immigrants. Today, the country is still a melting pot of different cultures, and within these cultures are different peoples that constitute what America is today.

Immigrants and the job market

More and more investors from around the world are seeking help in order to qualify for Visas that can help them secure an immigrant status in the U.S. Some of them are even willing to spend thousands of dollars to create a new business or take over an existing but troubled business. In this way, immigrants are able to generate jobs and sustain current ones, making the country’s job market less tough.

Immigrants and the workforce

Immigrants who have the opportunity to work contribute greatly to the country’s overall revenue. In fact, some large cities, such as Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston and New York, immigrants constitute a majority of their workforce.

Immigrants and innovations

In a report by The Atlantic, a third of the patents that have been issued here in the U.S. are owned by immigrants. This means that immigrants contribute profoundly in the field of science and innovation. Also, the report said that between 2006 and 2012, more than two-fifths of businesses in the Silicon Valley have at least one owner or founder who is not American-born citizen. Scientific and business innovations, in turn, could boost the country’s overall productivity, making our economy more dynamic and less prone to risks.

The drawbacks

Of course, immigration also has some negative effects. For instance, statistics have shown that between 1990 and 2010, immigration has been associated with a 6% depression in the wages of American-born high school drop-outs. Not only that, skilled immigrants have made competition in the job market more stern, making it more difficult for some native-born citizens to acquire and secure employment.

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