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What causes truck accidents?

Truck accidents constitute a substantial number of injurious and fatal road-related accidents in the U.S. every year. According to the website of the lawyers at Williams Kherkher, truck accidents can be a result of almost anything from a distracted driver, for instance, is more prone to truck crashes. Also, a negligent driver who failed to inspect his rig before hitting the road has an increased risk of getting into a road incident.

Being involved in a truck accident can be life-changing, both for the victim and the offending party. For the victim, the accident may change his life forever. He can suffer from irreversible injuries that could compromise his ability to earn a living. Furthermore, according to the Abel Law Firm getting involved in a truck crash could mean loss time at work and hefty medical costs. For the offending driver, he will definitely not be spared from the all the legal troubles his action entails, so it is always better to drive safely than to be sorry.

However, there are instances when truck accidents are not actually the fault of the driver involved. According to the website of lawyers Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ®, several cases of truck-related accidents in the country have been a result of truck defects. Among the most common truck defects that could trigger an accident are brake malfunction, defective tires, and trailer malfunction.

Although some injurious accidents caused by truck defects could have been prevented with proper truck maintenance and elaborate inspections, there are instances when these defects are totally undetectable. A newly-bought tire, for instance, may show no cracks and bumps that could tell that it is prone to blowout and tread separation. For a newly-installed brake disc, it could be hard to tell if the component was designed and manufactured within quality standards.

In these scenarios wherein an injurious accident has been a result of a defective auto component, a manufacturer could be at fault. This means that the manufacturer could be liable for all the damages a victim in a truck crash incurred.